Our wobblers are aged 12-15 months (approximately) – 2 years and we can accommodate upto a maximum of 10 wobblers in this room.  There is an adjoining sleep room for the younger children and sleep facilities are set up in the main room at nap time for the older children.  There is also an adjoining changing area and toilet.  We have a Leader and Assistant designated to this room and the adult:child ratio is 1:5 for 1 –  The Wobbler Room has its own curriculum, which is planned by trained staff and which incorporates the different developmental stages of the child into the daily programme.


The day starts with Meet and Greet in the Wobbler Room, this gives the Wobblers a chance to interact with the other children.

Free-Play to settle the Wobblers in with an opportunity for each Wobbler to explore their room and discover the different toys available to play with.


After breakfast we sit together on the mat and will sing our Nursery Rhymes and Kiddies Songs – e.g. Round and Round the Garden, The Wheels on the Bus etc.


The routines of nappy changing, meal time, nap time etc., are an opportunity to help the Wobblers to develop emotionally.  For example, a nappy change provides the child with a one-to-one situation with their carer and meal time provides an opportunity to develop their self-help skills such sitting at a table feeding themselves.


The colourful books and toys stimulate the children’s senses i.e. sounds, sight and touch.  The toys and books also help to develop their co-ordination and curiosity i.e. moving the animal’s arms, legs, heads, turning pages etc.  Reading to the children from books and showing them flash cards encourage language and cognitive skills.


Developing their fine manipulative skills through table top activities are a very enjoyable experience for the children.  Jig saws, Mega Sketchers, building blocks, shape sortes etc encourage the child to take turns and share, intellectual and language skills.

Arts & Crafts:

Gluing exercises, various types of painting, colouring and seasonal art.