Our Toddlers are aged 2-3 years and we can accommodate up to a maximum of 12 Toddlers in this room.  There is an adjoining changing area and toilet. Sleep facilities are set up in the main room at nap time for the children. We have a Leader and Assistant designated to this room and the adult: child ratio is 1:6. The Toddler Room has its own curriculum, which is planned by trained staff and which incorporates the different developmental stages of the child into the daily programme.

In the Toddler Room we introduce a slightly more structured environment; the Toddlers will have the opportunity to experiment with plenty of age appropriate activities. In the Toddler Room we will work with you to toilet-train your child when you decide the time is right.

Language development is an important part of our Toddler programme your child’s vocabulary will increase and they will soon be able to form simple sentences instead of just words through a variety of social and group interactions plus nursery rhymes, songs and circle time.


The day starts with Meet and Greet of Full Day Care children in the Toddler Room; this gives the Toddlers a chance to interact with the other children and carers at the Centre.


A routine and a schedule of activities both indoor and outdoor is available daily, with lots of arts and crafts and other fun and social activities. The routines of meal time, nap time, nappy changing and toileting etc., are an opportunity to help the Toddlers to develop emotionally and with their language and social skills development.  For example, a nappy change provides the child with a one-to-one situation with their carer and meal time provides an opportunity to develop their self-help skills such as sitting at a table feeding themselves.


The colourful books and toys stimulate the children’s senses i.e. sounds, sight and touch plus social skill and language development.  Reading to the children from books and showing them flash cards encourage language and cognitive skills.


More advanced equipment is introduced to help in the development of their fine manipulative skills through table top activities which are a very enjoyable experience for the children.  Play dough, Jig saws, Mega Sketchers, building blocks, shape sorters etc. these activities also encourage the child to take turns and share and to further develop their intellectual and language skills.


More advanced arts and crafts activities which include gluing exercises, various types of painting, colouring and seasonal art.


In our Toddler Room Play is the most powerful learning tool for them. To a child what they are doing has a deep hidden meaning to it, to a child, play is serious business; we give them time for this, our Toddlers are active learners. Play is not only the essence of a happy childhood, it is the way children learn – about their bodies, their environment, ideas, events and the people and objects around them.  Group play including role play, turn taking, please and thank you are an important part in the Toddlers play activities to help enhance the children’s the Toddlers Social Skills.


When you feel your child is ready for the transition from nappies to pants staff and parents work together to make it an enjoyable experience for the child. Each child is different and will require different ways of training, therefore when your child is ready members of staff will discuss and plan with parents how best to proceed with training to suit your child.